Running through the past

seems so vague

Writhing miasma plummets

that I couldn’t take

Tangled longings

are so lachrymose

A cloud full of chaos

sarcastically flows

The ache may wane

but will always last

Melding in present

cause I have these Scars.



My thoughts wander around 

Heart singes in the middle

When you leave me alone 

My feelings rest in tears


Its been so long waiting for you

Its been so long sitting here

on this shiny sparkling bed

But no longer ‘m amuse

You see how its like

the things I do for you

But now ‘m giving away,everything I have

Cause ‘m just so sick of this Web. 

My Dear

Everything I do 

its for you

Everytime we kiss 

you can feel my bliss


Anytime I’m alone 

“I wish you could be here”

are the words

that I moan


I see your face

everynight I sleep

Beautiful smile on it

which gives me mental peace


I feel so blessed

to be with you

Dancing on our wedding

with my hands holding you.


My Dear


Don’t you fall down again

I may not pick you up


Don’t you make yourself weak

I won’t be able to make you strong


You are growing with time, and

I want you to be independent


Don’t expect me everywhere

I am no more reliable


You can feel me within yourself

Like the traces,

running through your blood


May god bless you

O My dear daughter.




Crimson blood spilts out 

as the sharp glinting edge

beneath the sleek skin

leaves the tattered layer


Immense pain strikes the mind

with the feeling of dizziness

Hazy imprints of memories

lurks the body as they start to fade


Fleeting moments of realisation

No more turmoil masks

Life will no more mock or

create any other obstacles to pass


Torrent of sufferings is over

as the trapped soul leaves

Wilt framework collapses, the

curtain falls and vicious circle stops.