As the blood moves through veins

The ink of my pen flows on paper

To describe my feelings

Irony is, the color is not same



I opened my diary

and flipped every page

My memories revived

n I found myself in cage…


Simple and cool

steady and calm 

This was always

the person I want


He said he loved me

and I couldn’t deny 

The person was him

I could finally rely


My love may sound crazy

and can freak you most

coz he’s nothing 

but a living Ghost


He lives in my cupboard 

and his name is Mathew

Barely says a word

except I love you


Our souls meet 

when we kiss 

No love can defeat

the height of my bliss


For some

my boyfriend could be scary

But for me 

he’s the one in my Personal Diary.

U could be MINE.

It was my first day in college

when I saw you, with your

Adorable smile and black shining eyes

I wished you would come to me,

and yes you came, 

but to my friend to ask her name

Still I waited for the whole day,in

a hope of speaking to you

in each and every possible way

But, all I found was you with a girl

She was dressed beautifully, and

looked like a pearl

My face was smiling but, 

inside I was dying, 

All I could do was wishing


Lack of ME

I have the words 

but I lack emotions


I can see

but I lack vision


I have an aim

but I lack passion


I know the moves

but I lack confidence


I have my friends

but I lack friendship


I want to love

but I lack feelings


I have thee

but I lack ME

My Girl

Everything I do 

its for you

Everytime we kiss 

you can feel my bliss


Anytime I’m alone 

“I wish you could be here”

are the words

that I moan


I see your face

everynight I sleep

Beautiful smile on it

which gives me mental peace


I feel so blessed

to be with you

Dancing on our wedding

with my hands holding you.


Your eyes shine little brighter

from all those whom I met before


Your lips tastes little sweeter

from all those who met mine before


Your touch feels little safer

from all those who touched me before


Your heart beats little deeper

Can you love me little more

from all those who loved me before…….