Penning down my Anger

Alright, family is a very important part of one’s life because when nobody is around, they are there with you. If today would have been any other day of my life , I would have said the exact same lines when asked about family. But, there is one thing which right now troubles me, that family never gives you your space. The time where you want to be alone, maybe cry out your sorrows, introspect your problem or just stay numb. Whatever it is, when you are in a family, you need to make unnecessary conversations , fake smile and try to get away with your problem in their ways. I still remember the last day of my college when my juniors were making a video about what we were going to miss about college days. At that time I had nothing much to say so I made up the sentences like I am going to miss my friends and teachers. But, today I know what I miss the most and that’s my lonely times where if I don’t want to talk or enjoy anything, nobody was there to bug me around. I could let people pass by me without any reactions. Maybe, to some adult reading this I might sound like a troubled or restless teenager. Maybe I am restless and troubled and that’s why I need to think about it. Sad part is that I am not allowed to do that because I am with my family and I have to be like a pep talk to ensure that m still happy and alive, even when m not.


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