The Night I don’t Remember

Tonight when I was in bed

Him talking something serious

The words finally poured out

that he loved only one girl

and that was not me

The heart singed down

as those words pierced my ears

Voice cracked

not able to speak

Thought I meant nothing

All this was a fake, a lie

Wanted to get up & runaway

The truth was so cold

that it hurt me deeply

Body froze and

lips were trembling, trying

to control, make everything fine.

At last, he stopped

His words took a different way

He turned to me and asked

Do I Still Love Him?

Today is the next day

I got up thinking about last night

What happened?

What did I reply?

Do I still love him?



I did say something

I just don’t know what

My heart is waiting for answer

But my mind is trying to figure out

I am trying to figure out

Figure out what??

If I am so desperate to remember

I wouldn’t have forgot

Maybe I don’t want to know

So just let it go……