Got Hacked!!!!

Got Hacked!!!!.


Got Hacked!!!!

Hey guys, i got to know that few hours before my account was hacked and the hacker published a new post on my account titled “My Confession”…well now that lives in my trash and i couldn’t get to know who was it but i am happy to get my account back. About the post..those were not my words so i don’t need to worry about that but i do care about the one who wrote it….it was a nice try and i hope he/she keeps writing such things and someday make their own account..m sure it would be read and appreciated by all. Dear hacker, All the best for your future. ūüôā

PINK nailpaint

Feminine effect unfurls

as the glossy liquid spills 

Brush softly moves through 

making every edge fill

Two minutes of wait & then

every gaze stays a little longer 

Heart of every men sinks

Such is the condition, when I

wear the nailpaint Pink            

Unconscious Mind Speaks..

w1                                                              sometimes this is all what I need

w2                                                                but I have got Ego problem


As the blood moves through veins

The ink of my pen flows on paper

To describe my feelings

Irony is, the color is not same