Lack of ME

I have the words 

but I lack emotions


I can see

but I lack vision


I have an aim

but I lack passion


I know the moves

but I lack confidence


I have my friends

but I lack friendship


I want to love

but I lack feelings


I have thee

but I lack ME


3 Replies to “Lack of ME”

  1. Reblogged this on HEAVEN'S WHISPERS and commented:
    Very strong and heartfelt words. They reach the reader in a unique way you have learned to express yourself through blogging..I believe this is a platform for you in a form of recovering something deep within your own being. I think you are creative in your way you blog for you seem to reach your followers and they seem to relate to what you are saying and feel your true emotions…Keep shining in the way you are…You sparkle like a lone star in the black night sky, and are noticed for your gift of sharing in a creative and blessed way…All my respect and gratitude for sharing in the unique and gifted way you do…God Bless

    Liked by 1 person

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